Do you wish you had that lemon or lime tree just outside your door?

Well for heaven's sake why not plant one, and a few other fruit trees while your at it. Most tropical fruit trees are easy to grow here in Northern Australia. Just imagine the world growing outside your door, waiting to be plucked and sampled; and while you happily chomp away, imagine the Spanish Main, or the outriggers paddled by lusty brown men, or the stately Pasadoble and the orchid between the teeth, or the shadow play of the Ramayana, told once again for another generation's enlightenment; or recall simply the market place, open before dawn with the fresh sweet fruit of a simple people hard won from the soil, being attractively laid out for you to see, to buy and to enjoy.

Alan Carle prepared a landscaping plan for the average tropical house block which ought to fulfil the needs both of the fiercely practical and the incurably romantic. From his first-hand local knowledge, he has devised a set of fruit trees which everyone can grow, not too weird, and no dearer to buy than ornamentals. Eat your landscaping is the message of this beautiful garden. Make it yours.
(Note the lime tree - just where you wanted it!)

When apples and oranges grown a thousand miles away are the only common fruit, it's time to do something about it. From Abiu to Zizyphus, from Albuquerque to Zanzibar, we've got something going for us. We love eating fruit, and we love growing it. Let's make the Rare Fruit Common.

Landscape plan for suburban block

tropical suburban house and garden1/10 ha or 1/4 acre
design by a w carle

1. Chrysophyllum cainitoStar Apple13. Syzygium malaccenseMalay Apple
2. Quararibea cordataSouth American Sapote14. Citrus aurantifoliaLime
3. Lansium domesticumDuku/Langsat15. Citrus nobilisMandarin
4. Garcinia mangostanaMangosteen16. Averrhoa carambolaCarambola
5. Rheedia madrunoMadrono17. Persea americanaAvocado
6. Pouteria sapotaMamey Sapotea. Myrciaria caulifloraJaboticaba
7. Rollinia deliciosaRolliniab. Synsepalum dulcificumMiracle fruit
8. Mangifera indicaMangoc. Passiflora quadrangularisGranadilla
9. Artocarpus altilisBreadfruitd. Carica papayaPapaya
10. Nephelium lappaceumRambutane. Passiflora edulisPassionfruit
11. Mammea americanaMammeaf. Bactris gasipaesPejibaye
12. Citrus grandisPommelog. Salacca edulisSalak
Design by A. W. Carle

DATE: May 1982

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