SCIENTIFIC NAME: Garcinia mangostana
FAMILY: Guttiferae

This article documents some basic information on seed collection of mangosteen and growth of the seedlings. This may be common knowledge, but it is important to document factually the quantity of seed that can be collected and the extent of the effects of seed size on germination and growth.

From 250 fruit, 335 seeds were collected (1.3 seeds/fruit). Fruit size averaged 125g (8/kg) but was very variable. It was obvious that large fruit held the most and the largest seeds. Fruit of sizes 150-200g (5-6/kg) would have probably given the best quantity and size of seeds. For those cleaning mangosteen seeds, it took two people 2-3 hours to clean the seed suitable for Australian Quarantine, i.e. all flesh peeled off.

Seeds were planted 4 days after removing from the fruit. They were given to 2 growers and then divided into small, medium and large sizes. Large seeds germinated best. Differences between growers reflect difference in sorting sizes. Small seed accounted for only 12.5% of total seed.

Germination (after 2 months)

Seed SizeTotal No. of
Seeds planted
Grower No.1
Grower No.2
Small 4250%70%

Plant height was recorded after 2 months and average heights were the same at both places.

Small5-6 cm
Medium7.9 cm
Large11-15 cm

Fifty percent of the large-seeded plants had produced a second flush of leaves at both growers, but none of the small-seeded plants had. Obviously, large mangosteen seed are far superior in germination and growth rate.

Ian Baker, Darwin

DATE: November 1986

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