SCIENTIFIC NAME: Eugenia polycephala
FAMILY: Myrtaceae

The Gowok's botanical name is Eugenia polycephala. It belongs to the Myrtaceae family. The tree has large leathery leaves and the flowers are found on the inner branches. They are pure white, multi-stamened and prolific.

On our visit to Don Gray's property during the recent northern trip, we found his tree flowering for the first time. The fruits are cherry-like and grow in bunches. The berries are oval and dark purple to brown in colour with a smooth skin. The pulp is more or less white with one large lima bean-shaped seed which is not edible. You can eat skin and all, but not the seed. The flesh is tart to taste.

These fruit are very popular in Bali where they are called 'Kaliasem'. They are used to make a favourite Balinese snack called 'rujak', which is usually made of tart raw fruit combined with a spicy sauce.

Ann Oram,
Capricornia Branch Newsletter Vol.11 No.4

DATE: May 1995

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