The Archives of the Rare Fruit Council Australia
Riberry, Syzygium leuhmanii
Photo by John and Mary King
Riberry photo
Syzygium moorei photoSyzygium moorei, Coolamon, Durobby
Photo by George Allen
Flowers of Syzygium megacenses
Photo by Sheryl Backhouse
Syzygium megacenses flowers photo
Wax Jambu photoWax Jambu, Syzygium jambolana
Photo by David Vickers
Chilean guava, Myrtus ugni
Photo by Sheryl Backhouse
Myrtus ugni photo
Grumichama photoGrumichama, Eugenia dombeyi or E. brasiliensis
Photo by George Allen
Ceylon Hill Gooseberry, Downy Myrtle,
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa
Photo by Ted Newton
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa photo
Feijoa photoFeijoa
Feijoa sellowiana
Photo by Pat Scott
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Updated 2010 September 09
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