This is a plan for a chemical-free fly killer. I have tried it on flies which are attracted to my two pigs. They are on cement and cleaned twice daily. Despite this the flies are still attracted. I started with a trap made from a soft drink bottle. I have now graduated to a 1-gallon cordial bottle and so far have removed two half-gallons of blow flies (not a nice sight - or smell).

The first day is very quiet - only about 3 - 5 flies enter. By the end of the second day it's about ½ full and at the end of the third day it's chock-a-block. The fly population has been reduced dramatically, but reinforcements from nearby cows will ensure a constant supply of flies.

Bait for fruit fly will depend upon the tree or fruit to be protected. One Mackay man who makes guava wine and must have clean fruit, says Brewers Yeast attracts them. I've found that by leaving the last mouthful of beer from a stubby bottle and pouring it in the trap is a good attractant. I've a lot of fruit fly and since Christmas have used 2,763 "last mouthfuls" as bait.

Diagram of fly trap made from a plastic drink container.

To make the trap:
Take any plastic container e.g. cordial or soft drink
Cut through the bottle 1 - 2 cms (1") below where the tapered neck becomes straight
Insert a piece of wire through the base of the container
Spread a bead of sealing putty on the inside of the body or outside base of the neck
Insert the neck inside the body and seal base with masking/insulating tape.
Fill trap with liquid (water) to lip level, insert bait and hang in appropriate place
Use your imagination for its use and type of bait. Suggestions are

For Flies: Fish, meat, manure, marmite etc.

For Fruit Flies: Yeast, vegemite, overripe fruit etc.
Russ King - Mackay

DATE: February 1984

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