To stop birds, bats, fruit sucking moths destroying your fruit on that single fruiting tree - cover with a net.

Step 1. Cut net to measurement of twice height of tree x width of tree.First step in putting net over a tree.
Second step in putting net over a tree.

Step 2. Spread net on ground. Step out length - halve. Step out half to centre of net.

Mark net centre with a rock or something.

Then go to each side of net and concertina into a manageable width.

At each end roll up net tightly to the centre.

Like so.

Step 3. Put ladder in middle of tree.Third step in putting net over a tree.
Fourth step in putting net over a tree.

Step 4. Climb to the highest point in the centre of tree with the rolled up net. Then throw one side of roll over edge of tree to ground at a time.

Climb down from ladder. Have a long stick ready with a mop head on top. Put stick under net and push, pull and open net completely around tree. The mop head will stop the stick catching in the net. Takes about 10 minutes, very successful.

Now enjoy your fruit.

Christine Gray

DATE: July 1996

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