Fruit flies are coming to a sticky end in Barry Mohr's Brookfield orchard. This season, Barry is using a combination of a bright yellow colour and glue-type product to reduce fruit fly number to what he says is the lowest level ever on his mixed fruit property.

The technique is to nail a carnival-yellow lure - he uses bright yellow plastic - to the tree, then liberally coat the lure and the area immediately around it with temobi, a glue marketed specifically for trapping insects.

The insects are attracted by the colour, which they interpret as a ripe fruit, and are trapped in the adhesive.

"This is the first season ever I have not had to spray for fruit fly, and my fruit is the cleanest ever," he said.

Why not give it a try here in the North!

Cardwell/Johnstone Newsletter, Vol. 7, 6/93,
Australian Organic News. Vol. 1, No.2

DATE: January 1994

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