l¼ cups,castor sugar
l½ medium, ripe avocados
l½ cups stiffly whipped cream
l½ cups cold water
1 raw separated egg yolk

Remove flesh from avocados, blend or sieve. Place sugar and water in thick pan over low heat until all sugar is dissolved, then bring to a slow rolling boil and maintain for a minimum 7 to a maximum 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, in separate bowl place egg yolk and avocado puree. Blend together with wooden spoon and pour in on top of syrup after turning heat to very low. Stir with the wooden spoon constantly over the heat for further five minutes. Cool.

Pour into trays or lamington tin and freeze until mixture is set at outer edges but still a little loose in the middle of the tray.

Whip up the cream stiffly. Scrape the semi-frozen avocado mix into a roomy bowl and whip it down to a loose creamy consistency with whisk, rotary or electric beater.

Then add the cream in big dollops while whipping, until all is used and mixture is perfectly smooth. Freeze in tray or ornamental mould, or cartons, until required.

This salad is particularly good with cold smoked turkey cut into ribbons.

Lesley Holme

DATE: July 1980

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