The origin of the word 'fool' to describe a puree of pressed fruuit mixed with custard or cream goes back to the sixteenth century. It was then a synonym for a trifling thing of small consequence. This avocado fool is an unusual sweet, and very refreshing.

2 large avocado pears
2 limes (preferably) or 1 large lemon
¾ cup whipped cream
1 Tbl icing sugar

Cut a thin slice from the middle of one lime, or the lemon, and divide the slice into six small wedges - set aside.

Squeeze remaining lime/lemon and strain into liquidiser. Add the icing sugar and blend, then add chopped avocados and liquidise until smooth.

Fold the whipped cream into the puree, taste and add more lime juice or sugar to taste. Spoon into six individual glasses, refrigerate at least two hours.

Garnish with reserved lime or lemon wedges and serve with sponge fingers.

Lesley Holme

DATE: July 1980

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