3 Tbl butter
½ cup sugar
1 egg
¾ cup black sapote pulp
2 Tbl cocoa powder
¼ cup boiling water
2 cups S.R. flour

2 cups black sapote pulp
2 Tbl icing sugar
2 tsp rum (optional)
2 Tbl gelatine dissolved in ½ cup boiling water.

Make the cake: Beat butter with sugar. Add egg and black sapote pulp.

Dissolve cocoa in boiling water and add to mixture. Stir in 2 cups of S. R. flour.

Cook in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes (depending on size of tin).

Use this cake as the base for the trifle, cut into cubes and sprinkle with sherry. Pour thick custard over the cake cubes, and when cool, put the cut-up black sapote jelly cubes on top.

Make the jelly: Add sugar and optional rum to fruit pulp, stir in the dissolved gelatine. Run in the blender for a few minutes. Set in the fridge in a layer about 2 cm thick. Then cut into cubes.

A layer of fruit can be used over the jelly, topped with sweetened whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, or top the jelly direct with the cream.

Lyn Anich

DATE: July 1994

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