½ a large-sized breadfruit
1 oz. Maldive fish*
½ tsp ground chillies
A pinch of ground saffron (or turmeric)
2 oz red onions (not the salad ones, use small pickling onions or shallots)
powdered cloves
salt and pepper
1 egg and breadcrumbs

Cut the breadfruit in pieces, remove the core and wash it well in cold water. Put the pieces in a saucepan, cover with water, add alittle salt and boil until it is cooked.

Drain off the water, mash the boiled breadfruit and add to it the finely powdered Maldive fish, the chopped onions, the ground chillies and saffron, and season to taste.

Mix well together and moisten the mixture with the egg, lightly beaten. Shape into small flat rounds, dip in egg and breadcrumbs and fry to a golden brown in hot oil.

*Maldive fish - cured tuna fish, processed by boiling, smoking and drying until hard. It is used by pounding a piece into small fragments.

Doug Farrier

DATE: March 1991

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