1 Breadfruit
pepper and salt
a pinch of ground saffron

For the stuffing:
2 or 3 ozs cooked meat
1 Tbl Worcester sauce
1 Tbl grated bread
1 Tbl chopped onions
a slice of ham or bacon
1 egg
pepper and salt

To prepare the stuffing: Mince the meat and ham finely, put it into a basin and add to it the bread, onions and sauce. Season with pepper and salt and moisten with the egg, lightly beaten, and a little stock if necessary.

Peel breadfruit, cut off the stem and cut a round piece neatly out of the top. Reserve this round for filling up the hole later on.

Then with a sharp knife, remove the core and as much of the inside as possible without damaging the shape of the fruit. Rub the fruit over outside and inside with dripping, pepper, salt and saffron.

Fill up the breadfruit with the sutffing mixture and replace the round that was cut off from the top.

Place the breadfruit on a well-greased baking tin, put a few small pieces of dripping on the top and bake in a moderate oven until the breadfruit is cooked and the outside nicely browned, basting frequently with dripping. Serve hot.

D and M Farrier

DATE: March 1991

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