Lime, Key, Mexican, or West Indian: Citrus aurantifolia
Seville orange: Citrus aurantium
Sour orange: Citrus aurantium
Pummelo: Citrus grandis
Shaddock: Citrus grandis
Lime, Thornless, Tahiti or Persian: Citrus latifolia
Lemon: Citrus limon
Calamondin: Citrus madurensis (C. microcarpa)
King Orange: Citrus nobilis
Grapefruit: Citrus paradisi
Mandarin: Cleopatra Citrus reticulata
Tangerine, orange: Citrus reticulata
Tangelo: Citrus reticulata X C. grandis
Tangor: Citrus reticulata X C. sinensis
Sweet orange: Navel, Valencia Citrus sinensis
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DATE: 2011 April 19

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