FAMILY: Annonaceae
Ariticum: Annona cacans
Cherimoya: Annona cherimola
Ilama: Annona diversifoliaPond Apple: Annona glabra
Soursop, Guanábana: Annona muricataSoncoya: Annona purpurea
Custard Apple: Annona reticulataBeach Araticum: Annona salzmannii
Posh Té, Cawesh: Annona sclerodermaSugar Apple, Sweetsop: Annona squamosa
Atemoya: Annona squamosa x A. cherimolaAsimina: Asimina triloba
Zig-zag vine: Melodorum leichhardtii 

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DATE: 2011 April 06

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