The custard apple is a good source of Potassium and contains some Vitamin B1 and C. Inside the rather knobbly green skin of the custard apple is a soft flesh embedded with a number of dark seeds. The flavour of the custard apple is difficult to describe, but once sampled, its unique sweet flavour is unmistakable.

When selecting, choose fruit that are free of cracks, bruises and mould, particularly at the stem end. Custard apples must be handled carefully as they bruise easily. They are soft to the touch when ripe.

To eat custard apples, gently break open from the stem end with two hands. Flesh can be scooped out with a spoon and the dark black seeds easily removed.

Custard apple is delicious mashed with the seeds removed and added to salads, mixed with other fruits or served as a topping over ice cream

Advertising and Promotions Department C.O.D. Queensland

DATE: January 1985

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