250 ml durian puree
120 g castor sugar
125 ml water
3 eggs, separated
375 ml evaporated milk, chilled

Start ice cream churn to cool freezing unit down. Place sugar and water in saucepan and bring to boil to make a syrup.

Separate the egg yolks into a bowl and beat the hot syrup into the yolks adding a little at a time while beating continuously.

Stir the durian pulp in and set the bowl over ice to cool.

Beat the egg white until stiff.

Whisk the evaporated milk until more than doubled in volume and quite thick.

When durian mixture is cold, fold egg whites and whipped evaporated milk in. Fill ice cream churn and proceed as for ice cream. Store in freezer compartment for one hour.

While this recipe does use an ice cream churn, it can be made by freezing the mixture then rebeating, or using a food processor and re-freezing again before serving.

From Taste of the Tropics, by Mogens Bay Esben

DATE: May 1994

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