1 kg guavas
1 kg sugar
1 tsp Nutrient
1 tsp Citric acid
2 tsp Pectic enzyme
Vitamin B3 tablets
10gms Cultured Wine Yeast
water to 4.5 litres

Sterilise the fruit with sulphite solution, drain and crush them in a bucket.

Boil the sugar in 568 ml of water and pour it over the fruit pulp. Pour on 3L of cold water and stir in the acid and nutrient.

When cool, add the enzyme and yeast. Cover loosely.

Stir daily for 5 days, strain through a fine sterile cloth and put under airlock. Top up with cold water.

Rack after 10 days or so, top up to 4. 5L with cold water and replace airlock.

Rack again when fermentation ends, add one teaspoon of sulphite solution or 1 crushed Campden tablet and mature before bottling.

Mature preferably for 6 months.

Townsville branch Newsletter, August 1992

DATE: November 1992

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