100g butter
1½ cups cake crumbs
1½ Tbl cocoa
3 Tbl coconut
½ cup icing sugar
1-½ Tbl rum according to taste
¼ cup chopped raisins or sultanas
¼ cup chopped nuts
10 lychees, peeled, halved and stone removed
extra icing sugar
5 dates, quartered
10 pecan nuts, halved lengthwise
1 cup coconut extra

Place butter, cake crumbs, coconut, cocoa, icing sugar, rum, raisins and nuts into a medium-sized bowl and combine thoroughly.

Blot excess moisture off lychees with paper towelling, and dust with icing sugar. Place a piece of date in the cavity of each lychee half.

Using a tablespoon of rum ball mixture, surround the lychee completely by carefully moulding the mixture.

Roll in coconut and refrigerate until firm. Serve with coffee. Makes 20.

Ingham Branch Newsletter Oct. 1988

DATE: September 1989

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