250 g plain sweet biscuits
120 g melted butter or margarine
1 Tbl lemon juice
½ cup castor sugar
½ cup hot water
3 Tbl desiccated coconut
4 ripe mangoes
1 Tbl gelatine
300 ml cream, whipped

Crumb biscuits in blender, or put into plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Place in bowl, add coconut and melted margarine, mix well. Press over base and sides of greased 20cm (8") pie plate or spring-form pan (I find it easiest to use a tumbler for this).

Bake 10 minutes in moderate oven, cool and then chill.

Peel mangoes and remove stone. Put hot water in blender, sprinkle on gelatine, zoom a few seconds. Add the mangoes a few pieces at a time until pureed (you will probably have to put the first half into a large bowl while you finish the rest of the mangoes). Add the lemon juice and sugar to the blender too.

Pour the rest of the puree into the bowl, fold in whipped cream, spoon into the crust. Chill in fridge until firm.

DATE: January 1981

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