1 cup calrose rice
5 cups milk
1/3 cups sugar
700g mango flesh
4 Tbl custard powder (White Wings brand works best)
4 Tbl sugar Lyn Benson

Put rice, 1/3 cup sugar and milk in a saucepan with a steamer lid. Heat until the sugar is dissolved.

On medium heat leave steamer open until it whistles or steam comes out, close steamer and turn down the heat to low and cook for 45 minutes.

Allow rice to stand while you make the mango custard.

Puree the mango, add sugar, stir on low heat until the sugar is dissolved.

Mix the custard powder with a little water, and add to the mango puree, stirring all the time. The mixture will go thick and sticky.

After 5 minutes of this on medium heat it goes a translucent colour. Mix the rice mixture with the mango and place in a mould and refrigerate to set, serve cold with fresh mango.

Serves 10 people.

Lyn Benson

DATE: November 1997

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