Breakfast: Peel, slice and fry in margarine until slightly soft. Serve with grilled bacon, or thinly-sliced fried camp pie.

Dinner: Peel and slice fairly thinly, fry in a little margarine. Delicious with fish or pork.

Add thin slices of slightly under-ripe mango to a salad. Add some finely-chopped mint to the French dressing before drizzling it over the salad.

Zoom a couple of mangoes in your blender. Add a cup of the resulting puree to your favourite meat loaf recipe (instead of milk). Cook 20 minutes and turn out of loaf tin onto a flat dish or pan. Make a glaze with ¾ cup of mango puree, 3 tsp raw sugar, 1 Tbl chutney, 2 tsp curry powder, pinch salt. Mix well and spoon over loaf. Finish cooking (about another ¾ hour), let stand 5 minutes, then remove to serving platter. Delicious hot, or cold with any salad.

Elevenses: Make a smoothie by putting a cup of milk into blender, (or a cup of water and 2 Tbl powdered milk and an ice cube) flesh from a mango, sugar to taste, squeeze of lemon juice and zoom. If you're feeling thin, add a small scoop of ice cream. Frozen mango can be used.

Freezing: Mangoes freeze very well. The easiest way to do this is to cut down the mango close to each side of the stone. Get an old tablespoon and run it round under the skin, thus giving you two 'cheeks' from each side. Cut off the small piece round the other part of the stone and slice flesh from the skin. If you haven't had time to make your chutney, freeze the under-ripe fruit and bring it out of the freezer at your leisure.

DATE: January 1981

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