500g sausages
2 large onions
1 large potato
wholemeal flour
1 Tbl margarine
2 large mangoes
4 carrots
1½ cups chicken stock (make from 2 cubes)

Peel and slice mangoes; fry in the melted margarine until a little soft.

Prick sausages, roll in flour and fry until brown. Remove from pan and drain off most of the fat.

Peel and slice onions and carrots, gently saute until soft.

Layer onions, sausages and mangoes in casserole dish. Add to the pan the chicken stock, heat and scrape bottom and sides of pan, pour over casserole.

Peel and slice potato very thinly and arrange over top of casserole, dot with margarine. Cook in moderate oven ¾ hour until brown.

DATE: January 1981

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