SCIENTIFIC NAME: Feronia limonia, F. elephantum
FAMILY: Rutaceae

Feronia is also called 'Wood Apple' or 'Elephant Apple'.

Feronia Drink: Scoop out pulp, add to boiling water and let stand. Add sugar if desired. Strain and refrigerate.

Feronia Sambal: Add sultanas, ginger etc. to pulp for an accompaniment for curry dishes or pulp can be added to curry dish itself.

Feronia Tart: Mix pulp with sugar and cream and a little gelatine. Fill tart shell and decorate as desired.

Feronia Sponge Cake Filling: Mix pulp with sugar and cream and use as filling for sponge cake.

Feronia Cheese Cake Filling: Use a recipe for a fruit cheesecake and substitute feronia pulp for other fruit.

Mrs B. Bosworth,
Ingham Branch Newsletter August, 1989

DATE: March 1990

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