3 eggs
1¼ cup thickened cream
pinch of salt
½ cup sugar
8 ozs fruit

Add sugar to eggs and beat well.

Put fruit in blender and blend, then add cream and salt, then blend again (not for too long).

Add fruit and cream mixture to egg and sugar mixture and whip well. Put into flat shallow tray so it freezes quickly.

When it is half frozen, put the mixture back into a mixing bowl, whip well then re-freeze.

These are the fruits that Paul has tried so far:
Star apple, pawpaw, soursop, pineapple, rose apple, passionfruit (don't use 8 ozs (250g) if the fruit is tangy. Do not put passionfruit in blender - it chops up seeds, just mix in. Lemon - the juice of one small lemon.

Paul Andrew,
RFCA MACKAY Newsletter Jan. 1989

DATE: May 1989

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