45g bruised ginger (coarsely grated)
1.2 kg sugar
14 L water
30g cream of tartar
2 lemons
2 large Tbl of fresh Brewer's yeast

Squeeze lemons, strain the juice. Put in large (!) earthen pan with the lemon rinds, ginger, cream of tartar and sugar.

Pour boiling water over these and let stand until just warm, then add yeast which should be thick and preferably fresh. Stir.

Cover with cloth and leave it in a warm place all night.

Next day, skim off the yeast and put the liquid into another pan, pouring carefully so as to leave the sediment behind.

Bottle immediately and tie corks down firmly.

In 3 days the beer is ready to drink. If it's to be used at once, the sugar proportion need not be so large.

Sufficient for 4 dozen bottles.

DATE: September 1995

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