2 cups glutinous rice flour (from Chinese shop) OPTlONAL
1 medium-sized sweet potato
1 cup taro
1 cup jackfruit
1 cooking banana
1 cup yam
2 cups coconut cream plus 1 cup water
(reserve ½ cup coconut cream for serving)
¾ cup sugar

Make a dough from the glutinous rice flour (recipe omits instructions about this) into little balls. Cut the sweet potato into one-half-inch cubes. Cut the jackfruit into strips.

Boil the sweet potato, taro and yam with the diluted coconut milk.

Put the small rice balls in the boiling mixture. Add the jackfruit and cooking banana. Simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally until cooked (when the balls are all floating).

Add the reserved coconut cream.

DATE: February 1998

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