3-4 bananas
1 tin condensed milk
2 x 200 g philly cream cheese (room temperature)
3 eggs, separated
2 Tbl sugar
Fruit in season, e.g. Mamey sapote, Feijoa, Soursop. Many combinations can be tried.

Slice bananas and other fruit over base of 1 large ovenproof dessert dish so there is a good covering one inch or 2-3 cm deep.

Beat cream cheese, egg yolks and condensed milk until smooth. Spread over fruit.

Bake in a moderate oven 15 minutes.

Remove and cover with meringue made from 3 egg whites and sugar. Bake a further 5 minutes or until slightly brown.

P.S. Mamey Sapote and Banana is a great combination.

Adapted from a Mexican Cookbook.
Capricornia Branch News Vol.11 No.5

DATE: May 1995

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