Photo of the ingredients of Meninjau Soup.

50 Meninjau seeds at different stages of ripening
Some young Meninjau leaves
Beef or pork rib (any amount)
"Lengkuas" (3-5 cm in length)
Tomato (1 fruit)
Red Onion (2 bulbs)
Red Chilli (3-4 fruits)
"Belacan"(small amount)
Candlenuts (4-5 nuts)
"Asam" paste (1 spoonful)
Long bean (3 pieces)
Maize (2 nos)
Green papaya (half a fruit)
Peanuts (20-30)
Immature jackfruit (small quantity - optional)
Pumpkin (small quantity - optional)

Red onion, chilli, "belacan" and candlenuts are pounded together while the desired amount of water is heated to boiling.

The Meninjau seeds, maize, peanuts, pork rib and "lengkuas" are boiled with the pounded items until flavour is released.

Stir in the "asam" paste. When the ingredients in the boiling pot are soft, put in the cut papaya and jackfruit.

Ten minutes later put in the sliced tomato, long bean and the young Meninjau leaves.

Sugar and salt are added before serving.

Chong P.C. Yong-Ho S. Y. and Lee C.K.
Primary Production Bulletin, Singapore

DATE: September 1986

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