1 ½ cups ripe fruit pulp (crushed or chopped)
¼ cup granulated sugar
3 red cherries or pieces of citron or angelica
2 egg whites
dash of flavouring (if desired).

Method: Prepare and measure fruit pulp (wash and peel fruit, chop finely, mash or mince the flesh). Beat egg whites very stiffly adding a dash of lemon juice (or other flavouring), beat in sugar gradually.

Prepare 3 stem dishes (or one large bowl) by washing and drying. Fold the egg whites into the fruit pulp mixture, and pile into the stem dishes. Place a cherry on the top of each. Chill for at least an hour before serving.

Note: Using ripe fruit, try:
Banana whip - 1½ lb. bananas before peeling.
Mango whip - about 3 large firm mangoes.
Golden apple whip - about 5-6 firm fruits.
Guava whip - about 9 - 10 sweet table variety (remove seeds).
Sapodilla whip - 6 large ripe sapodillas.
Pawpaw whip - one, or part of a pawpaw.
Mixed fruit whip - any 2 kinds of fruit.

DATE: January 1982

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