Water rose apple: Syzygium aqueum
Jambolan plum: Syzygium cuminii
Rose apple: Syzygium jambos
Camera Icon, link to imageWax Jambu: Syzygium javanicum
Camera Icon, link to imageRiberry: Syzygium luehmanii
Malay apple: Syzygium malaccense
Camera Icon, link to imageSyzygium megacenses
Camera Icon, link to imageSyzygium moorei
Salam, Indian Bay: Syzygium polyanthum
White Java Apple: Syzygium samarangense
Jaboticaba: Myrciaria cauliflora
Guava Berry: Myrciaria florabunda
Yellow Jaboticaba: Myrciaria glomerata
Camu Camu:Myrciaria jaboticaba
Camu Camu: Myrciaria paraensis
Baporeti: Myrciaria rivularis
'Jaboticaba': Myrciaria tenella
Jaboticabeira: Myrciaria trunciflora
Blue Grape: Myrciaria vexator
Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus, Corymbia, Angophora spp.
Midyim: Austromyrtus dulcis
Cherry Of The Rio Grande: Eugenia aggregata
Cloves: Eugenia aromatica
Camera Icon, link to imageGrumichama: Eugenia dombeyi, E. brasiliensis
Pitomba: Eugenia luschnathiana
Laulau: Eugenia megacarpa
Allspice: Eugenia pimenta, Pimenta dioica
Gowok: Eugenia polycephala
Uvalheira: Eugenia pyriformis
Cedar Bay Cherry: Eugenia reinwardtiana
Araca: Eugenia stipitata
Surinam Cherry: Eugenia uniflora
Uvalha: Eugenia uvalha
Bay Rum: Pimenta racemosa
Guava: Psidium guajava
Strawberry Guava: Psidium cattleianum
Cambucá: Marlierea edulis
Camera Icon, link to imageChilean guava: Myrtus ugni
Camera Icon, link to imageFeijoa: Feijoa sellowiana
Camera Icon, link to imageCeylon Hill Gooseberry: Rhodomyrtus tomentosa
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DATE: 2011 April 12

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