Betel Nut: Areca catechu
Pejibaye, Peach Palm: Bactris gasipaes, Guilielma gasipaes
Palmyra Palms: Borassus spp.
Yatay, Jelly Palm: Butia capitata
Coconut:Cocos nucifera
Oil Palm: Elaeis guineensis
Cabbage Palm: Euterpe edulis
Assai: Euterpe oleracea
Assai: Euterpe precatoria
Doum Palm: Hyphaene spp.
Coco De Mer: Lodoicea maldivica
Dates: Phoenix dactylifera
Salak: Salacca zalacca, S. edulis

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Various genera and species
FAMILY: Arecaceae



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Other Palms

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DATE: 2011 February 25

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