There seems to be some confusion about coconut milk and coconut water.

Coconut water, as it is called in the tropical isles, is the liquid found inside a newly-opened coconut. It is used for drinking and not cooking. It can be drunk straight or in combination with rum, gin or brandy - a refreshing cocktail.

Coconut milk is obtained by extracting the milk from the coconut flesh. This is done by grating the coconut flesh or by chopping it in a chopper or a liquidiser and squeezing the juice out.

If there is no fresh coconut, use the desiccated type. It will be necessary to add boiling water to the coconut to obtain the milk. After it is sufficiently cooled, press it by hand and pass it through a fine sieve or a muslin bag, continue the process until every drop of milk has been extracted.

Faye Dundas, Darwin Branch RFCA News Aug 1986

DATE: May 1987

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