1 large pawpaw, about 1 kg. green, unripe, pawpaw flesh.
185 mls white vinegar
150 g (5ozs.) raw sugar
4-6 fresh red chillies to taste.

Peel the green papaw, halve and scrape the seeds out. Cut flesh into pieces and proceed to shred in processor.

Place sugar and vinegar in preserving pan with shredded pawpaw. Place over medium heat and bring to boil slowly, stirring from time to time to avoid burning or caramelising, which would discolour the marmalade.

Halve the chillies with a sharp knife, remove the seeds. Cut chillies into long thin threads and cook with pawpaw.

Cooking time about 60 minutes or until mixture thickens like jam. Great on wholemeal toast or smoked meat.

E. Beckman

DATE: February 2000

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