1½ kg pawpaw
1½ kg sugar
Juice 2 lemons
125g preserved ginger

Peel, seed and dice ripe firm pawpaw.

Into open boiler, place pawpaw. Add sugar and stir well in. This can be done over heat. Add lemon juice and ginger. Boil until clear and thick.

As pawpaw is very low in pectin, a packet of Jamsetta makes a much better jam and does not alter flavour.

Note: Ginger must be cut finely or ginger crumbs can be used.
Variety: Pawpaw and passionfruit - omit ginger and add 6-8 passionfruits.
Pawpaw and pineapple - omit ginger, add small diced pineapple.
Plain pawpaw - omit ginger, but add juice of 3 lemons.

Mrs. R. Farley

DATE: January 1987

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