Crumb Crust
185 g coconut biscuits, crushed
90 g melted butter

250 g cottage cheese
250 g cream cheese
1 tin condensed milk
¾ cup cream
2 tsp vinegar
4 passionfruits
1 Tbl gelatine
¼ cup water
¼ cup lemon juice
1 tsp grated lemon rind

Combine biscuit crumbs with melted butter. Press mixture into base of 7" x 11" (17½ cm x 28 cm) lamington tin, lined with aluminium foil. Refrigerate until firm.

Soften gelatine in water then dissolve over hot water. Blend cheeses. Add condensed milk, lemon juice, dissolved gelatine, lemon rind and vinegar. Beat until mixture is creamy, fold in whipped cream.

Carefully fold in pulp of 2 passionfruits. Pour mixture carefully onto crumb crust. Spread smoothly. Spread remaining passionfruit on top. Refrigerate until set. Cut into slices.

RFCA Ingham Branch Newsletter June, 1989

DATE: September 1989

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