During parts of the year fresh fruit is not too abundant in our garden. Freezing some fruits for later is useful in meal preparation. So far I have frozen soursop pulp (ripe soursop pushed through a colander) and ripe jak fruit pods.

3 cups frozen soursop pulp
2 Tbl honey
1 tsp carob powder
2 egg whites

Take a knife and break frozen pulp up into small pieces (do not thaw out). Use hand beater (or mix master) to whisk soursop pulp into creamy texture. Add carob powder and honey. Whisk some more. Add egg whites beaten till stiff and whisk in until light and fluffy.

Pour into bowl. Put into freezer until set. Serve with Jak Fruit and apple pie or fresh fruit salad.

It tastes like the creamiest icecream. Excellent for kids - wholesome and nutritious. One could prepare an icecream with any frozen pulp.

Christine Gray

DATE: July 1986

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