With reference to the Taro Booklet on sale at meetings, the question, "What is Poi?", was asked. Poi is a purplish-grey paste made from taro corms. It is easily digested and considered an excellent food.

To prepare: Pressure-cook corms, wash and peel, then mash and strain through a kitchen sieve. Add water to make a paste of 30% solids, i.e. approximately equal volume of water to mash.

Poi is usually allowed to ferment for three days, after which it will last unrefrigerated for three to four days. Refrigeration alters the texture of poi, causing it to become rubbery, and it is not recommended.

Freeze drying has also been used with some success.

Further reading and reference: Taro by Jaw-Kai Wang, 1983, Univ. Hawaii Press.

R. Goebel
Cardwell/Johnstone Branch Newsletter Oct. 1988

DATE: May 1988

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