4 cups choko, cubed, skin removed. (Can use green pumpkin instead)
1 tsp salt
juice of 1 good-size lemon or lime
2 tsp oil
ground black pepper
good tsp of sugar
chopped parsley and some chopped shallots if desired
(pinch salt)

Wash and boil choko or pumpkin cut into good size cubes, adding a good teaspoonful of salt whilst boiling. Be careful not to overboil. As soon as choko is tender (test with a skewer), remove from hot place and drain carefully. Leave in pot to cool.

Soak chopped onion in salty water to cover.

In a bowl, mix the lemon juice, oil, pepper, sugar, parsley and shallots.

Rinse onion and squeeze well. Place in bowl with the lemon juice and mix well.

Arrange choko cubes neatly in a nice glass bowl, and arrange onion mixture over it. Can be decorated with red capsicum etc.

Sheila Morgan

DATE: May 1992

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