500 grams okra
3 Tbl vegetable oil
3 cloves of garlic
½ tsp fenugreek seeds
1 medium-size onion
½ tsp cumin seeds
salt and chilli to taste

Cut the 500 grams of okra in rings. Cut onion and garlic in small pieces, then heat oil in a large-diameter, shallow frying pan. When oil is hot, place chopped onion, garlic, cumin and fenugreek in oil and bring it to very light brown.

Place cut okra in pan and stir it to incorporate all ingredients together. Cook on low heat and make sure that okra does not burn. If it starts to burn or stick to the base of the pan, add more oil and stir. You can cook on high heat as well, but you will have to stand beside the stove and keep stirring. It takes approximately half-an-hour to cook on slow heat.

When about 5 minutes from being finished, add salt and chilli according to requirements. The salt mixes better when placed directly and cooked, rather than in dish when it is served. When about ready, the okra will look black and speckly in about a third of the dish. Please experiment according to requirements of taste buds. Now you have a really delicious vegetable - success - success.

We generally eat it with our flat bread or roti (similar to Greek Pita Bread). You can wrap it in a roll and enjoy it. You can also eat it in sandwiches as long as the bread is not too dry.

Ami Setu,
Capricornia Branch News Vol.8 No.2

DATE: May 1991

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