Many kinds of vegetables can all be prepared this way.

Chokos: Slice thinly, add garlic, onion, stock cube and gently stir fry.

Young luffas: Stir Fry in oil, add garlic and spring onions.

Bitter melon: Use young fruit. Skin and slice, fry in oil with egg, garlic and onion.

New Guinea Bean: Stir fry thinly sliced bean in oil, add garlic onion and stock cube.

Spinach: Stir fry in oil, add some onion, garlic, stock cube and tomato.

Pawpaw: Slice thinly half-ripe pawpaw (skinned and seeded). Fry lightly in oil add garlic, onion, sugar, ginger and stock cube.

E. Beckman

DATE: February 2000

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