To reduce the cockroach population in the house, lure them into a trap.

To make a trap use a small narrow neck bottle such as a mint sauce bottle.

Pour 2 cm of wine into bottle, then rub butter inside the neck of the bottle. Add a small piece of fruit. Then wrap bottle in paper with top uncovered.

The bottle wrapped in paper creates a dark atmosphere cockroaches like. The butter stops the cockroaches from climbing out of bottle.

Leave in cupboard as a permanent trap. Empty when there is no room left to drown further cockroaches in the wine.

* * * * *

For a good hand cleaner:
Cut a lime or lemon in half and rub hands with the cut side of lime for five minutes. Go around and under nails with edge of lime skin. Your hands and nails will be white and clean in no time. Great after gardening.

* * * * *

Strain a piece of soursop through a colander and use the juice as a good refreshing face cleaner. Wash off with cool water after gently rubbing soursop into skin. Makes the face feel fresh and clean.

* * * * *

Then use the flesh of a ripe avocado as a natural oil on your face, arms and hands. Leave five minutes then wash off gently with fresh cool water. The ripe avocado will spread like a face and hand cream.

* * * * *

Whatever you put on your skin gets into your body. It is written that skin is a breathing organ and one should not put anything on the skin that one cannot eat.

Christine Gray

DATE: July 1996

* * * * * * * * * * * * *